About Us


Initially opening our Showroom Gym Revolution Fitness & Performance in 2014, the direction we have headed has taken a different route.

In 2015 R-TWO was founded on the back of this. The idea was to help other Gym Owners, Sports Teams etc, open a facility of their own. Frustrated at the lack of help back then, I decided to undertake the complete fitout of Revolution Fitness & Performance myself, from that it has snowballed to what it is today- Helping open 100’s of Gyms across the Country including Sports Teams, Personal Training Studios, Home Gyms, Schools, Hotels, working with Professional Athletes. Aswell as supplying Gyms all across the UK and Ireland with various parts of Equipment.

The majority of Gyms are ripping out their old outdated Single Station Equipment and replacing it with new fully customised functional training equipment. With endless training options and low costs, this way will create a much greater return on investment and will have a major impact on your brand as a whole. 

We understand what works best for each niche, Whats needed and whats not. As A group of Coaches ourselves we have spent time learning what Athletes and the Public themselves expect and need in a Gym Environment. Backed by some of the Top Strength & Conditioning Coaches in Ireland who trust in our products and advise us on changes to training methods, we are always adapting, innovating, and looking ahead to the future and what it holds for the Fitness industry. 

Built for Better.


Opening a Gym isn’t easy by any stretch, then deciding how to lay it out, what exact Equipment is needed while trying to keep it all within budget.

It’s a tough ask. Luckily this is exactly what we do. 

The key is to understand the training area, what its trying to achieve and come up with a layout that complements it best. 

We just don’t supply Gym Equipment, We get your thoughts on how you want your facility to work and look, with our experience we, together can create an amazing customised, personalised gym for you. 

We promise we don’t and would never go down the road of selling you something that you didn’t need just for our own financial gain. 

Once we decide on what Equipment is needed, the layout, colours etc, we can turnaround and have your Gym delivered and installed within 10 days and in most cases 8 hours on the day. Pretty impressive eh?

What we do goes before us now, having worked with some of the biggest Gaa Clubs in Ireland, Professional Boxers like Carl Frampton, Mick Conlan and Ryan Burnett, Leeds United Star Raphinha, we have built up a reputable name, ultimately because we care. 

We have an interest in your Business and for our own success we want it to run effectively, efficiently, get the most out of your Athletes, Members and Clients and most importantly Make Profit. 

One of the most rewarding things that we do is givin your initial investment, it creates you – the Gym Owner the potential to create your own Business, in that- you have the capacity to make huge returns on what you invested.